Jump Rope!

Want a fast way to burn calories that’s fun and will make you feel like a kid again?  Try jumping rope.  When it comes to burning calories fast jumping rope is right behind running.  Here are some benefits to jumping rope:

Jumping tones everything…legs, back, abs, arms, chest and shoulders.  The strength and cardio combination that increases agility, coordination, timing and endurance, not to mention jumping rope is considered low impact.  If you do experience knee pain that simply means you’re jumping too high, aim for about an inch above the ground and that should solve knee pain issues.

It’s Cheap.  If you don’t already have a jump rope lying around you can pick one up for less than $10.  To find the right size rope, place one foot in the center of the rope and lift the handles, they shouldn’t extend past your armpits.

You can take it ANYWHERE!  Slip your jump rope into your suitcase and you’ve got a calorie blasting workout on the go.  All that you need is an area measuring 3ft x 4ft.  Most living rooms, hotel rooms and backyards can accommodate this. 

Check out this 20 minute workout and some tips, thanks to July/August 2011 Weight Watchers Magazine.

Walk in place for 2 minutes to warm up.

  • Basic Jump: Hold one end of the rope in each hand with the rope behind you.  Feet together, elbows at side, swing rope overhead.  Continue for 1 minute.
  • Hoops Star: Roll rope into a ball, feet apart, legs bent, lean to right and quickly pass rope from one hand to another in a circle around your right leg.  Continue for 30 seconds and then repeat on left side.
  • Lateral Raises:  Place rope on ground in a straight line and stand on one side.  With feet together, jump sideways over rope, if it’s too hard, simply step over the rope.  Land on the balls of your feet, continues back and forth at a comfortable speed for 1 minute.
  • Jumping Rope..Jacks: Jump rope but land with feet hip width apart on one jump, then together on the next, continue for 1 minute.

Repeat this cycle for 4 times.

Cool down by walking in place for 2 minutes.

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