Lower Body Makeover

Step One (the easy one)

Complaint-Wide Hips
Try this out, dark wash jeans with 2% spandex and a contoured waistband, the dark color of the jean is flattering to your lower half and the fitted waistband stops gapping at your midsection.  Avoid jeans with a straight waistband and stay away from fading or intricate details across the lap area which draws attention to wide hips.

 Complaint-Full Thighs
Wearing a trouser style jean that falls straight down from the hips disguising fullness from the thighs.  Avoid any fading that goes down the thigh, which draws attention to full thighs.  You’ll also want to steer clear of stretchy jeans such as jeggings which call attention to all those areas that you’re trying to hide.

 Complaint-Big Bottom
Find some jeans with a rise that is higher in the back than the front.  The extra fabric in the back will keep your rear view covered, if you pair that with plain style medium sized pockets this will balance out a fuller rear.  Try to avoid styles that have smaller back pockets or no back pockets at all; this just accentuates your full rear view.  Also skip the jeans that have fading across the sear.

Step Two (a little harder than one)

Working the hard way is what is going to help you obtain an amazing rear view!  Bringing it back to basics is really the only way to go.  Doing cardio, lunges and squats will get you there.  You can focus your workout on your “problem area” by choosing a workout like hiking or walking uphill, using an elliptical or stair climbing machine with the resistance working, spinning class, or for fun try out a belly dancing or Zumba class.

Try out this workout from the May/June 2011 Weight Watchers Magazine, and if you’re doing these moves correctly they are going to be HARD!  Click here for a printable version.

Wide Plies
Stand with your feet 2 ft apart, toes turned out.  Bend knees, keeping your back straight and head high, now lower your body a few inches.  Make sure your knees don’t go past your toes, and return to starting position.  Variation of this would be pulses-starting position is the same, but lower your body as deeply as you can, without letting the knees go past your toes, pulse down about an inch 20 times, then hold the plie position for a count of 20 before returning to start.

Tough Lunges-
Stand with feet together, now step forward with your right leg as far as you can without letting right knee pass your toes and try to lower thigh parallel to the floor.  Hold your lunge for 10 counts, pulse down an inch for another 10 counts, and then hold your lunge for an additional 10 counts.  Bring right foot back to meet left.  Now repeat with opposite leg.

One Leg Squats-
Stand with feet hip-width apart, hands on waist.  Bend your knees and lower your butt and hips as if you’re about to sit in a chair.  Keeping your back straight and right leg bent, left your left knee until thigh is parallel to the floor.  Hold for 10 seconds, return to start.  Do 5 reps, repeat with opposite leg, try working up to 20 reps.

Standing Leg Extensions-
With feet hip width apart, place your hand onto a chair for balance.  Lift and tighten abs to keep your back stable.  Flex left foot and lift your leg behind you 3 inches off the floor.  Now hold for 10 seconds.  Swing left leg in front of you, bending your knee and raising thigh to hip level.  Keep your abs engaged.  Return to start, doing 20 reps.  Repeat on the opposite side.

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