Quick Workouts to Ease the Guilt

Feeling guilty that you can’t squeeze in the time for a full blown workout?  No problem.  Here are three workouts that practice the less-is-more formula.
Four to Six 30 second sprints 3 days a week = daily 30-60 minute runs
So why does this work?  Sprinters improve their speed, fitness and body composition.  This cuts your fat mass by 12%.  This is nearly the same amount of steady runners in a small fraction of the time.
Standing Core Exercises = Upper and lower body workout plus and abs routine
A lunge done while raising and lowering a medicine ball were shown to flatten your abs just as well as doing sit ups so why not do a near total body workout and get it done all at once?
10 minutes of moderate jump roping = 30 minutes of jogging
Jumping rope engages and firms more butt and leg muscles than your run around the block!   Jumping rope burns around 13 calories per minute, if your aiming for approximately 120-160 turns per minute.

One thought on “Quick Workouts to Ease the Guilt

  1. Laura O in AK says:

    I'm visiting through Let's Get Social and now following your blog. These are perfect ideas for me to squeeze in exercise now that I don't have a gym membership and need to move. I've dropped some weight, but could stand to do more and be ready to be active with my very active boys.

    You can find me over at http://daybydayinourworld.blogspot.com/ if you feel like visiting sometime.


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