10 More Ways to Burn 200 Calories (*based on a 135lb woman)

Here’s 10 more ways to burn off those calories!

1.       Clean your wheels.  Skip the car wash and not only save $12, but you’ll burn off some calories doing it yourself!  In just 31 minutes of washing, waxing and drying your car you’ve worked your way to smoking hot.

2.       Have a “stairing” contest.  Set aside 15 minutes, stand at the bottom of the stairs and do super fast step ups.  Use the same lead leg for 30 step ups, then switch to the other leg.  In between sets do 10 incline push-ups with your hands on the stairs.  Repeat this three minute cycle five times.
3.       Start kidding around.  Log in to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America website (BBBS.org) and volunteer to be a buddy to a young girl in need.  Take her to the park and bring yourself back to the good old days and do some cartwheels for 10 minutes, swing on the swings for 21 minutes and finish up with a good old 5 minute game of tag.  Now you’ve burned right through those calories!
4.       Make a U-Turn.  Try this 20 minute interval fun-run designed by Jerry Macari, the creator of RunUrban training program in New York City.
a.       Jog for 10 minutes at an easy pace
b.      Burst into a fast run for 2 minutes
c.       Rest for 30 seconds
d.      Repeat 4 more times
5.       Weed your garden.  Be a weekend weeding warrior.  Spending about 40 minutes picking pesky weeds and you’re weeded out some calories.  Not to mention how beautiful the yard will look when you’re all done.
6.       Take a kissing challenge.  Bet you didn’t know that you burn approximately 1.1 calories per minute of kissing.   So maybe you won’t burn 200 calories in one make-out session, but you can over a weeks span!
7.       Master the “Single Ladies” dance….FINALLY!  This song is played at nearly every bar, club or wedding and will be for the rest of your life!  So learn the moves!  Warm up like Beyonce with plies:  stand with your heels together, toes out.  Keep your back straight, lower into a squat for eight counts.  Now pull up the video on YouTube and start practicing.  After about 9 times through the 3:13 song, you’ll know the steps, the song and have burned 200 calories!
8.       Kick Some Grass.  Join a local soccer team or hop into regular pickup games at the park.  See how many goals you can score in 27 minutes. Research from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark show women who take up soccer as their new exercise, sculpt their legs faster and are more likely to stick with the program.
9.       Discover A Swimming Hole.  Log onto SwimmingHoles.org to find homegrown directions to your local swimming holes in your state.  Many of these are in “hidden locations” so the 10 minute walk there, 10 minute frolic in the water and 10 minute hike back took care of those calories.
10.   Wrap up in a Snuggie!  On a rainy Sunday afternoon cozy up on the couch and catch up on your DVR for 3 hours and 14 minutes and you’ve burned 200 calories! 

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