Straighten Up…

Good Posture = Confidence?  According to a study done by Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois that is the truth!  Check out these tips for keeping the slouch out of you day!
1. Spot check your stance every hour or so.  So what that means is make pretend you have a book on your head and sit up tall.  Pull in your belly button one inch toward your spine.  Imagine you are squeezing something between your shoulder blades.
2. Build your mid back muscles.  Weak back muscles (rhomboids) are one of the main reasons for hunching.  These muscles keep your should blades in place preventing hunching.  Try this move to get a strong and sexy back:
a. Lie face down on a mat with your arms by your side
b. Squeeze your shoulder blades together
c. Lift your chest and arms off the floor and hold for 2 seconds
d. Do 3 sets of 10 reps
3. Adjust your seat.  Watching TV?  Try sitting on a stability ball rather than the couch.  It encourages a straighter spine while watching your favorite shows!  Stuck at a desk all day, try the Seat Solution ($25, which positions your tush so you have to sit back rather than hunch forward.
Try these posture fixes and let your confidence soar!

3 thoughts on “Straighten Up…

  1. Rosann says:

    Great tips! My chiropractor used to get so frustrated with me because I'd go see him with agonizing back pain {after I gave birth to my kids} and he'd always tell me to stop sitting on the couch when watching TV, but instead he suggested pulling a chair from the dining room table in the room to sit on. I always thought he was crazy. I mean, who does that? When you watch TV, you want to relax…not sit straight up. I like the stability ball idea though. I could get some ab work in while watching TV too!! 🙂

    Many blessings,


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