Beach Running

Trying to decide the best way to run on sand?  Check out these pointers to help you make the right choice for your summer beach runs:
Barefoot or Sneakers
Barefoot:  When you run barefoot you land with your forefoot rather than your heel, resulting in less of a jolt to your body.  Go easy when you begin running this way since the sudden switch to bare feet and a new technique can open the door to injury.
Sneakers:  Wearing sneakers isn’t any better when running in sand than simply running with bare feet.  What they do offer is protection from scrapes and you get a cushier run.

Loose Sand or Hard Packed Shoreline
Loose Sand:  You’ll burn 20 – 60% more calories running on loose sand vs. packed sand.  Your leg muscles have to work that much hard to stabilize you, not to mention pulling your feet back out of the sand for the next step.
Packed Sand:  You won’t burn as many calories, but running on packed shoreline sand is similar to running on dirt, it is gentler on your joints instead of pounding pavement.

Go For Distance or Time
Distance:  Sand causes you to go slower, so if you choose a distance, expect it to take more time to complete than your usual 5K time!
Time:  If you choose your usual time, and decide on loose sand, just prepare yourself to be more exerted than you usually are.  You will work far harder than your normal neighborhood run, but remember your torching more calories each minute.

So now that you have the facts to get you going, head on over to the beach for that run-switch up your workout and enjoy the scenery!

One thought on “Beach Running

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great tips! I will be taking a vacation at the beach this summer so I'll remember these and see which works best for me. I don't typically run barefoot so it should be interesting.


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