So I’m writing this post after taking two Zumba classes.  I will admit that I was a bit skeptical about going to Zumba since I am used to more structured activities such as running, kickboxing or weight training.  A friend asked me to go to a Zumba class, she had gone to a few before and really liked them and thought that it would be something that I would like too.

We found a place to take a class, and it was a class with around 10 people, so it was nice.  The instructor gave a brief overview of how her Zumba class works and then class began.  The music was fun, something I was into, but I’ll be the first to say….I felt as uncoordinated as they come!  I felt like a fish out of water, but I reminded myself that no one was judging me and it was my first time, so be easy on myself.  I thought back to the first kickboxing class I took and how lost I felt and now I write my own workouts.

I think that I got so caught up in making sure that I got the moves right that I didn’t let myself get into the music and the fun of it all.  So when I finished my first class, all though I had fun, I felt like I didn’t get the workout that I expected.  Now the second class I took was a little different.  My friend and I did a double header and took a spinning class, then Zumba, so I don’t know if that made the difference.  But this time I felt like I was using more muscles and getting a little bit better workout.  I remembered some of the moves from the last class that we took so it allowed me to be a little more “free” with my movements.

So the bottom line for me and Zumba is this….I haven’t counted it in or out for me yet, I think I’m going to take some more classes and see if I can let go of the whole-getting all the moves right-and just treat it like I believe it was designed to be-FUN.

How ZUMBA is an all over workout:

  • Shoulders:  Zumba Move=Machete.  When you’re swinging your arms over your head and moving downward in a sideways motion, you are developing shoulder definition as you swing away!
  • Abs & Core:   Zumba Move=Merengue Hip Hop.  While you’re “dancing” away Zumba class you’re tightening your core and working out your abs.  Those elbows to knees they throw into your class are secretly working your abs & core.
  • Quads:   Move=Tobago.  Improves your balance along with strengthening and defining your quadriceps (front & upper leg).  Its a signature step in which you tap your foot to the side, hop and flex your ankle with the foot in front.
  • Upper Back:  Move=Flamenco.  Dramatic arm movements tone your upper body and give you awesome posture. 
  • Arms:   Move=Que Te Mueve Turn.  Merengue style dancing not only affects your lower body, but tones your arms too!  You’re contracting and releasing your biceps while having fun.
  • Glutes:  Move=Sinaloa Step.  Mexican American quebradita, mixed with squats and jumps makes up this bouncy portion of your Zumba class.  A two legged jump that ends with one foot crossed in front is great for strengthening your glutes and shaping up your butt!
  • Lower Back:  Move=Destroza Step.  Based off a reggaeton number, its a combo of a squat, hip rock, pump and sway to the side that is contracting and releasing your lower-back muscles.
  • Calves & Ankles:  Move=Salsa Back with Cha Cha.  A series of cross back lunges with a side of cha cha.  Want to step up your shape up?  Do the salsa moves with your heels raised.

So with that total body workout out hidden in fun dance moves..who knows a few more classes and I could be Zumba CRAZY!!

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