Ten in Ten Workout

Do each exercise for approximitly 30 seconds and repeat the series.
This program should take approximately 10 minutes.
  1. Marching – Seated or standing
  2. Alternating Straight Leg Raises – Sit in a char. Extend one leg straight while flexing the other foot, then lift the entire leg
  3. Calf Raises – Press down on the toes of both feet as you lift up your heels
  4. Desk Push Up – Sitting at your desk, place hands on the desk, move chair to arms lengths away from your desk.  Slowly bend your elbows so that your chest leands towards the desk, then straighten.
  5. Lateral Raise – Bring both arms by your side at rest.  Slowly lift your arms out to the side until they reach shoulder height, pause then lower.
  6. Shoulder Shrug – Lift your shoulders towards your ears and gently roll the shoulders back.
  7. Seated Crunches – Sit on the edge of your chair with your feet on the floor hip width apart.  Cross arms over the chest.  Lean back slightly and return to the upright position.
  8. Torso Rotations – Sit on the edge of your chair.  Bring arms to the front hands clasped together.  Gently rotate your torso from right to left
  9. Chest Stretch – Bring both arms to your sides shoulder height.  Gently press them back until you feel slight tension.  Hold.
  10. Overhead Stretch – Bring both arms overhead, clasp hands together and gently push hands toward ceiling.
These are great, quick exercises that you can do right in the office during your break time, warming you up for that walk at lunch time.

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