Slimming Down

Five Simple Rules To Follow:

  1. Never Go On A Diet:   Make modifications to your current meal choices, such as choosing veggies over a side of bread and butter.  Pay attention to your serving sizes, when you do this you can continue to enjoy all the foods you love by just eating less of them!
  2. Eat Simply:  The fewer the ingredients on the package, the better it is for you.  No one likes to take the time to read labels in the store while your shopping, but if you take the time to do this you’d be pleasantly surprised how many calories you save!  The simple rule of thumb when it comes to reading the ingredients is…if you can’t pronounce the ingredient, chances are it isn’t good for you.
  3. Munch More Often:   Beginning with breakfast, try to eat every 3 hours.  This helps you from being too hungry.  Here is where carrying an apple or banana in your work bag becomes a great idea.  You have a quick, healthy, filling snack that stops you from hitting up that vending machine!  I always keep a granola bar in my purse for those hunger “emergencies”.
  4. Drink Plenty & Drink Smart:   Nearly 450 calories a day are added to peoples diets simply from the beverages that they choose.  If you drink a glass of water with each meal, it is a great way to wean yourself off that soda!  At my house we stopped keeping soda around, if you were to open my fridge on any given day all that you’d find is OJ, milk and water.  Not so great for my soda loving company, but good for us.
  5. Cook It Yourself:   Strive for making your own dinner vs take out.  When you make your own you are more likely to make it more healthy and eat less of it.  My tip..Make enough for 2 meals, that way you can even freeze part of it so that you have a meal for the night you get home late from work or just simply don’t feel like making dinner.  This not only saves your waist line from take out, but your wallet.

2 thoughts on “Slimming Down

  1. ThaiHoa says:

    I so love your list and live by this. People constantly ask my husband and I how we stay so thin or fit, and what do we eat. I constantly tell them to eat/snack more small meals, cook more, and stop dieting! No one listens to me. I am just chop liver…LOL


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