So even though my blog is titled Lily Boxing, I do my fair share of running too.  I began running in 2009 while on my weight loss journey.  I had been taking kickboxing classes at a local studio and felt guilty about going to class after working all day.  I wanted to go home and spend some time with my family, not feel bad about going to the gym.  After my membership ended I began doing workout DVDs and jump roping.  The jump roping was short lived because I promptly got shin splints.  So we’ve had a treadmill for years-collecting dust (like I suspect most of us are guilty of), so I decided to hop on and try running.  I had this overwhelming urge to run.  I needed more than my current workouts were offering me.  I got on the treadmill and realized I really wanted to be outside.  So here it was November, in New England at 9:00pm.  In other words:cold.  I told my husband I was going out for a run and I was going to take his old route that we mapped when he was training to take the police exam.  It was measured out at 1.5 miles.  He looked at me like I was nuts, but almost dared me to just go do it.
So I did!  I took one of my dogs with me and off we went.  It took me about 20 minutes to complete my first official run.  My husband was shocked when I came home in a “reasonable” time.  I knew then that I was officially a runner.  I LOVED it!  I kept up my running, but had to learn how to run on the treadmill we had, since it was now full blown winter in New England and there was no running outdoors-at least not for this beginner.
Spring was finally approaching and I happened across a 5K that was going to be in a nearby town within the next month (May 2010).  I inquired at the difficultly level of the race as it would be my first time.  They encouraged me to participate as it was a good race for a beginner.  I looked up a training program to help get me ready for my upcoming race.  It went off better than expected and I was fortunate to have run it with a good friend who was also doing their first 5K.  After that I would have participated in all of the races they had if I could have afforded the registration fees.  Instead I had to choose one each month to participate in.  The ones that I ran in 2010 I hope to do again this year as I have looked over the 2011 schedule and it looks like they are all happening again!
Check out my Road Races page to see the races I have participated in:Road Races

Here’s a picture of my favorite running partner…Josie!

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